May 17, 2007

Hummingbird Feeder Pest Solutions

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Hummingbirds are a beautiful bird to watch and can be attracted to your yard by using hummingbird feeders.

When using hummingbirds feeders they can be plagued by many different pest from tiny ants to bats just waiting to steal the nectar. These pest may create a challenge to getting rid of them,but the battle can be won.


Ants can be a major problem for hummingbird feeders. Once the ants discover the nectar they will just keep coming back for more. Since hummingbirds don't like eating from feeders with ants a solution must be found.Hummingbird feeder Pest Solutions

In order to deal with this problem a barrier should be placed between the ants and the feeder. Some feeders come with a basin that goes around the hanger that you fill with water to keep the ants away. If your feeder does not have this feature a device called a ant guard can be purchased to perform the same function.

To create another barrier for ants you can use cooking oil,petroleum jelly or motor oil. Just coat the section of the pole between the hanger and the feeder. You should reapply the coat every week.

Bees and Wasp

Bees and wasp also love the sweet nectar. Some feeders come with bee guards to deter the pest and others are designed where they have no place to land. Hummingbirds sometimes dislike feeders that have be guards so a different approach must be taken.

Another solution is to purchase a bee or wasp trap from your local garden or hardware store. Spoiled syrup is then used to lure the insects into the escape proof container. The traps should be cleaned often.


Hummingbird Feeder Pest SolutionsBats may seem like an unusual pest for hummingbird feeders,but in the southwestern part of the US there are a large number of nectar-eating bats which feed at night. To combat this problem bee guards can be used or feeders can be taken in at night.

Once these problems are solved your feeder will not only be pleasure for the hummingbirds,but for you also.

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