May 7, 2007

Growing the Perfect Dutch Iris

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Dutch IrisThe dutch iris is a beautiful elegant flower with long stems and vibrant colors. The flowers are popular with many DIY home gardenersand florists.

Dutch iris make a nice addition to a cut flower garden. They can be planted in the ground or in flower pots. They fall under the perennial category.

They can be planted in outdoor beds,pots,tubs and urns.

If you plan to plant them in outdoor beds find a location where the soil drains well. They do not like to sit in puddles of water.  If a well drained area can not be found then you can amend the soil by adding organic material to elevate the level two to three inches to improve the drainage. The materials that can be added are peat moss,compost,ground bark or decomposed manure.

Be sure to locate them in area where they will get a full day of sun.

  • Dig the planting holes 4" deep by 4" apart from each other.  They look like small onions. Plant them pointed side up.
  • Then water them well after planting by soaking the area. If they are planted in a warmer climate they will have foliage by autumn and in colder regions they will have foliage by spring time.
  • After the blooms start appearing you can then cut your iris flowers and put them in a vase and display them in your home.
  • After they have finished blooming keep the foliage so they can gather the nourishment needed for next years blooming season. Keep them watered so that they can grow. When the they become dormant do not water.

If you plan to put them in a flower pot, tub, or urn they will grow tall and slim so it might be a good idea to use large containers.

  • Use good quality,well drained soil and make sure there are adequate drain holes. They do not like to sit in water and it can cause  them to rot.
  • Put them in full sun.
  • Plant them 2" deep and 3" to 4" apart. Plant them with the pointed side up.
  • Water well

If planting in a

12" - 15" pot - plant 9 bulbs

10" pot - plant 7 bulbs

8" pot - plant 5 bulbs

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